Response of “Myrotvorets” Center Regarding Statement of the G7 Ambassadors about the Alleged Disclosure of Personal Data of Journalists Accredited by “DPR” Terrorist Organization

On June 2, 2016 the http://www.gov.uk/ website published the statement by the G7 Ambassadors regarding their deepest concerns about the alleged disclosure by the “Myrotvorets” website of something that they called personal data of the journalists accredited by the “DPR” terrorist organization.

The staff of Center studied the statement and, in response to the deeply concerned G7 Ambassadors, once again carefully examined the list of the journalists that was published.

Considering the fact that we were unable to find any journalists` personal data in the list, the staff of the “Myrotvorets” Center is finding themselves sincerely perplexed regarding the aforementioned statement of the G7 Ambassadors.

Our experts have once again confirmed that the data published in the “Myrotvorets” blog cannot be categorized as personal data. It is simply usual contact data, that the journalists had willingly and knowingly provided to the representatives of the “DPR” terrorist organization, and those data can be easily obtained from the Internet and other open sources.

In no way do we assume that the G7 ambassadors are trying to counteract the activity of the “Myrotvorets” Center under the hybrid war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine on purpose, or making deliberate attempts to block the dissemination of the socially requisite information. In fact, this information allows the citizens of Ukraine to determine the quality and reliability of the materials distributed by Ukrainian and foreign mass media, and it is absolutely vital in the conditions of the intensive Russian propaganda.

According to our experts, a probable reason for the G7 ambassadors` statement is that they simply relied upon the unreliable information sources and based the conclusions solely on those.

What is also possible, is that the certain individuals and organizations were attempting to press on the “Myrotvorets” Center using the authority of the G7 Ambassadors, deliberately misguiding them and fraudulently misinterpreting the qualification of the published information and the activity of the “Myrotvorets” Center. And besides we certainly do not exclude the possibility, that the http://www.gov.uk/ was simply hacked by intruders, who published the mentioned statement.

Either way, the staff of the “Myrotvorets” Center would like to state their willingness to familiarize the representatives of the security services and law enforcement authorities of the G7 countries with the concrete results of our activity and achievements on counteracting the Russian aggression. Also we are ready to pass the information on more than 62,000 pro-Russian militants, terrorists and their accomplices, mercenaries and war criminals, conducting and having conducted the, crimes against the national security of Ukraine, peace, humanity, and the International Law.

The “Myrotvorets” Center would highly appreciate if the G7 Ambassadors could familiarize with this statement and consider the offer we made.

Terrorism and hybrid aggression of the Russian Federation has no limits. And we do hope for the G7 Ambassadors to demonstrate more understanding of the situation and to support Ukraine and its citizens in their fight, including that of the information sphere.

Our utmost respect,
The staff of the «Myrotvorets» Research Center