And let justice be done even if heavens fall (Author: Yury Gudymenko)

14800881_1620392724921250_1242700784_nWhen we talk about «hybrid war» of Russia against Ukraine, we must remember that the new-only the term, but the methods themselves are as old as the world. Russia is acting exactly the same training manual, which worked a century ago, for example, in Finland: to support the local Communists, to pour in their money, promising support in case of successful start of the rebellion to supply weapons and supplies, to give the lumpen the opportunity to plunder, cut the propaganda, civilians – this hostage, we need more propaganda, it’s not us, our soldiers there, mass terror, more children in the army, newsreel, beautiful, no, it’s not we, the volunteers, the fighters with the Finnish balkantau, in the form of a red army soldier can be purchased in any myymälä, volunteers needed, more propaganda, more volunteers, we boldly go into battle for Soviet power, to ears, to crawl to their original positions, we maintain the integrity of Finland, to recognize its elected government, not Bob.  Repeat if necessary.

That’s why I say that the only new term «hybrid warfare». The principles are old. From the fact that there are fewer leaflets, but more posts in blogs, the principles have not changed. Propaganda, it is propaganda, intervention it is an intervention. At least in Finland in 1918, at least in Ukraine in 2014.

But there is fucking important «but». Uh, but the technical progress.

If in the early twentieth century, the Bolsheviks, being wanted, easily moved around Europe and Russia, and it was enough fake passports and alias, now running the show neural networks and search engines. Add «Instagram» and «Vkontakte»,  add  a camera in each of the first mobile phone, multiply by human vanity – and get a stunning effect. Photo «We are on maneuvers))))» plus the hashtag plus geolocation «Donetsk, Ukraine» still recorded a war criminal. «User Vanya Vatnikov created the album «my boys moisten the response» analysis of the binding to the terrain, plus five war criminals, one of them beaten by the boys in fawn Vanya Vatnikov.

So that’s uncomplicated and not very happy for  Vanya Vatnikov arithmetic.

Instead of the bright spots on the Wallpaper, which came with a search understand the presence of hidden photos or microfiche archives in the Google cache, available to anyone, anywhere on the planet. On their own, without assistance, the Russians are documenting their war crimes. «Certainly, vanity is my favorite sin», as would say Satan performed by al Pacino.

While cute guys with faces not disfigured by intellect and albums like «mowing dill ))))» usually do not really want to relax on the luxurious beaches   and treated in rich city hospital. They want to Egypt, I want to Prague, want to go to Berlin and Riga, and sometimes even in Kiev or in Kharkov – because in Donetsk and Lugansk, bad cache, bad medicine, bad business – everything bad. And sail red perch to the borders and checkpoints, nervously, looking around flap eyes with fake passports or with real, but with the hope that everything will be fine…

And here our task – to make so that was not. The world. Otherwise a new war. Our goal is that when you try crossing the border of any civilized country, Russian soldiers annexed Crimea, the Russian military criminals and the mercenaries, firing at our guys in Donbas, advocates, collaborators, traitors, and other filth, including our people was arrested or returned to his stall, signed on the world map as «the Russian Federation». So there they were boiled in a big pot, they  all , lashing out at each other and devouring, like spiders in a jar, without the ability of this boiler to escape – except in North Korea with the educational tour. And to get out of this boiler, they could not to the death, and where they will have to wait for another boiler. One for all.

The basic tools for the implementation of this task, Ukraine has long been there. There is a work of intelligence and counterintelligence, there is a database search, there is diplomatic support of most countries of the world and coordination between the security forces of other States. But this is not enough in a hybrid war. The number who fought in the Donbas the Pro-Russian bastards reaches six figures. Plus, the participants of the annexation of Crimea, plus collaborators, plus propagandists, plus collaborators, traitors, plus, plus, plus, plus… Too much. Perhaps no intelligence Agency in the world is able within a reasonable time to open as many criminal enterprises with the normal accusatorial basis. Too many man-hours it will take. Too much staff needed.

But even in Ukraine there are volunteers. And among them are mostly professionals. And there we are. «The peacemaker,» «Information Napalm«, «Flame Falcons«, «Trinity» and other cheerful guys – people who, like infantry, are also on the frontline of this war, the war is not future, but already present. They do what the state cannot do officially and openly. They manually process such amounts of information, which cannot handle, no secret service because they are motivated utterly, and hence more efficient. They are the new weapons of this war, and they are the new forces, unknown to the experts previous wars. And they need help, as well as the army. New weapons may be the cameras  and intelligent software systems, which are necessary for identification of persons at airports, railway stations, border crossing points on the border. The effect of the work these guys will be multiplied by ten in the case of purchase and run these systems.

Recently, the Center «Peacemaker» together with   «People’s front» announced the beginning of fundraising for professional software, called the proud name «Separator». The «separator» will allow you to identify and isolate the face of any militants or mercenaries, with a beard or without, any makeup, any place on the territory of Ukraine, passing on this information where necessary. «Separator», after a good start, will read and analyze videos from cameras at checkpoints and checkpoints on the borders, comparing them with databases of «Peacemaker». Will read the face on the video of the Russian TV channels, calculating the real names of those who shot at Ukrainian soldiers. Will compare the faces in your photos, determining involved in war crimes. Fake documents will not be saved. Nothing will save you. Looks like the hybrid war in the third Millennium.

And now hundreds of people searched the Internet, carefully gathering a database of individuals, the criminals and the enemies of his country. Then dozens of people process the information, organize her, provide for the use of security forces and monitor the fate of the detainees and liquidated the terrorists. Again, now these guys need the help of thousands of people, so they can fight professionally. Need your help. We need only sixty thousand dollars. Believe me, it’s worth it.

To bastards roamed the civilized world, and was sitting in Ukrainian prisons or slowly die from cirrhosis in the city hospital . To afraid to stick his nose outside its borders. To remember what they know, remember and hate.


And let justice be done even if heavens fall.
Fiat justitia ruat caelum.

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